April 19, 2010


Hm, I kind of stopped posting, didn't I?  Well, I've packed up and moved to Tumblr!  


March 26, 2010

I know, I know.

I keep changing my background.
We have giant raisins form Shady Maple.  Can you see how ginormous and plump they are?!  So I was thinking about them today and how good they would be thrown into some oatmeal raisin cookies (with pecans and extra cinnamon).  
Recipe: just the standard recipe on the back of the oatmeal lid.
Earlier, I made an 1/8 recipe of these Chai Moon cookies and rolled the dough into little balls and froze them.  Gosh, I even told you I was going to do this in the linked post!  I mixed some cinnamon and honey into vanilla ice cream, and threw in the cookie dough.  There were honey swirls all through it because when the honey hits the ice cream, it freezes.  And it's quite exciting in my mouth.

I now present to you the song that was stuck in my head while I was baking!  Bear Hands- What A Drag

Drinking. I can't say that word without it sounding like alcohol drinking.

Well, I haven't been baking lately, but I have been...drinking?
I remembered something my mom would make my sister and I when I was much younger.  She would slice up a banana in a cereal dish, and fill it up with chocolate or strawberry milk.  I don't know if this was a way for us to each fruit, or if it was just plain ol' delicious, but I really wanted to taste it again.  So I made a slightly more grown up version of it (or, not really, but it's at least more photogenic in a glass than in a bowl!)  
It wasn't quite as magical as I remembered it to be, but it was still good of course.  Although, I'm sure the chocolate milk part was much better this time, because what I did was make hot chocolate and chilled it (instead of use chocolate syrup for chocolate milk.  I don't like it anymore!)

And this was my breakfast one morning: a smoothie consisting of vanilla yogurt & milk, a honey tangerine, a banana, and some frozen (fresh) pineapple.  And raisin bread with cream cheese.
That's all I have for you right now!

March 20, 2010

Afternoon quickie.

I made a bunting, see!:
Found here.
An Indigo Bunting!  Get it?  No?  Ok.
No, really, I made a bunting:
You know, those things that are usually triangles on a string?  Or they said 'H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y !', one letter on each triangle?  Yeah, well this one is a half-circle bunting, made with (mostly) vintage-looking cloth.  I'm not sure if the prints are reproductions, or if they're just vintage-inspired prints.  They came together in a little stack I bought a while ago, each one just a tiny square piece.
A bunch of scraps I can't bear to throw away, even though I probably can't use them for anything because they're so tiny.  Don't they kind of look like little undies?
Bunting tutorial here.

March 18, 2010

Exploration #16

...of my "How to be an Explorer of the World: Portable Art Life Museum" by Keri Smith.  Here's the page:
My scanner was misbehaving today, so I had to take pictures instead...anyway.  I've been gathering answers to my questions for a while, using yahoo answers and some random poll-creating websites.  Instead of graphs (boring) I did this:  (You're definitely going to have to click to read this one.)
In case you're wondering, my answers are:
Favorite type of pie: A tie between apple, pumpkin, & blueberry.  I have to pick just one?!  In that case...apple.  Maybe.
Chocolate: Dark chocolate!  I used to hate it back when I was a milk chocolate fan.  
Robots or Dinosaurs: I couldn't possibly pick.  They're both so awesome (I just like them cutesy, no real-life metal talky robots for me.  Or dinos that are going to eat me).
2 AM or 2 PM: 2 AM for sure.
French toast, waffles, or pancakes: FRENCH TOAST!!  In second place would be pancakes.
Inanimate object: I have absolutely no idea.  Random question.  Though my favorite answers to that are: Johnny Depp's blanket, Justin Bieber's pants, someone's favorite necklace, and a suitcase ("because you get to travel the world", that person said).
What are your answers?

And I also came across this, and did as it said and underlined:
Not that I'm an artist, but it still applies.  #1 kills me...I do it all the time, and end up convincing myself that I can't do something because I'm not as good as so-and-so.

March 16, 2010


Another baked oatmeal recipe!  But not as good as the other.  This one is full of almonds, sunflower seeds, soybeans, and flax seeds, and has four different spices in it.  The first layer in the pan is diced bananas and blueberries, and then the dry mixture (the picture on the left) gets dumped on, and finally a milk, egg and maple syrup mixture.  It tastes too healthy for me, and needs a bit more brown sugar and maple syrup (or maybe some honey?).  It's alright with yogurt and honey on top, but by itself....I much prefer the Amish baked oatmeal!  Recipe from Seven Spoons.
And this is what happens when you bake two pies (from the last post) and baked oatmeal all in the same night:
Dish mountain!


My dad requested a peach pie made with some frozen white peaches we had previously bought and cut up.  So here it is, with vanilla ice cream and a pie crust cookie!  Peach pie isn't my favorite, but I still can't get over how good the shortening crust is.
With the second crust, I tried out something I had my eye on for a while:

Strawberry tart with orange cream!  It's a tart shell filled with orange-flavored cream cheese and topped with strawberries.  The recipe says to brush the strawberries with apricot jam, but I made an apricot jam and lemon curd mixture to use as a side dip.  I love strawberries, and with the cream cheese and amazing crust it was just....and the dip....  Mm, really good together.

March 13, 2010

Songs I currently love.

Pa Pa Power- Dead Man's Bones
Cartoons And Macramé Wounds- Mew
Twins in the Attic- Mr Little Jeans Vs. Twin Shadow
A Funny Thing- Penguin Prison
I Am Warm & Powerful- Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
1999- Suburban Kids With Biblical Names
Zero- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Go Do- Jónsi
Make This Go On Forever- Snow Patrol
My Wife, Lost in the Wild- Beirut
A Real Clever Trick Fur A Bear- Analog Rebellion
Giving Up The Gun- Vampire Weekend

This picture led to blueberry stains on my table.

These are moist and delicious blueberry muffins, made with sour cream and (frozen) blueberries from our garden.  They were made last night, and only one is left!  Recipe from Lick The Bowl Good, but I added some lemon zest to them.
I'm currently eating...
...this, which is super yummy.  Chex mix, bran flakes, dried cranberries, raisins, cashews, pecans, white chocolate chips, roasted soybean halves, and sunflower seeds!

March 10, 2010

SCONES! I like them.

Berry juice & lemon zest.  Extremely sticky dough & stained fingernails.  32 tiny triangles.
I made scones tonight!
Well, some not-so-pretty scones.  They looked better in the pre-baked stages!  But they taste fantastical.  
These scones have buttermilk and sour cream in them, which help make them lighter and the scone texture that I like.  I don't care for those rock hard ones....
The recipe was originally white chocolate blueberry scones from Lick The Bowl Good, but I used Vanilla Sugar's altered version (look at her pictures...you can really see the scone texture in the photo with the butter hunk).  So in addition to her alterations, I used mixed berries (raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries), and instead of making 8 huge scones, I cut the dough so that I would have 32 tiny scones.  And of course I ate them with lemon curd.

Time to eat more scones?  Yes.  That would be lovely.