September 13, 2008

Softies from the "Softies" book

I love that tree!  I attempted to make it, and was quite unsuccessful.  

She's from the Softie book, made for a friend.  The limbs were a bit big for the body so it was tricky to sew them, already stuffed, on the inside of the body.  It called for plastic koala bear claws, which obviously aren't available anywhere else but Austrailia!  So I made my own with felt which looks fine, but they were so thin in the toes they wanted to pull apart.  
She was named Angelina Jolie, for the lips!

Cute little tea bags from the book, for the same friend.  From the left is red berry tea, green tea, and chai tea!  

My dog didn't quite turn out how the book's did.  He's still a crazy looking way.  
For a friend.


Madhuri said...

the dog's adorable, bethiiie

Homely Homo said...

angelina and the tea bags are pimp. that's one lucky friend

Beth said...

She sure is!