October 19, 2008

Coin Wrappers and ice cream cones?!

I just stumbled across these cookies that were baked in coin wrappers!  Isn't that fabulous?  Anyway, I was looking at all the beautiful foodie pictures on Tastespotting, and saw these biscotti baked in coin wrappers, which led me to Chunky Peanut Butter and Oatmeal Chocolate Chipsters!  The wrappers would definitely take a while to stuff, but they look so fun!

Picture via Whisk 

And here's a healthy cookie disguised as an ice cream and cone combo!  I'm going to have to try out this whole baking cookies in a cone thing.  I've only looked at Whisk briefly, but I think I may have a new favorite food blog!
Picture via Whisk


Shari@Whisk: a food blog said...

Wow, thanks for the link love! It's always nice to have fans!

Beth said...

You're very welcome!