October 8, 2008

Now here's something different

What??  I'm posting about food that's not a baked good and isn't sugary?  
My mom came home today with this pre-made sicilian pizza crust, so we decided to make up one of our colorful variation pizzas.  Here it is before it was baked:

And out of the oven...
It's pretty crazy looking, since there were four different pizza types to make.
1.  This was my section, and obviously the best!  I don't like tomato sauce, so there's a light brushing of garlic oil instead; sprinkled over that is garlic powder and oregano.  Then some shredded cheese, pepperoni slices, and fresh basil from the garden.  If you noticed the lack of pepperoni from the first picture, it's because we forgot about it, so we stuck it on during the last few minutes of baking time.

2.  My sister's piece- tomato sauce, cheese, tomato slices, pepperoni, basil, and a bit of spinach.

3. My mom's- sauce, cheese, tomato slices, mushrooms, basil, spinach, and pepperoni on part of it.

4.  My dad's- sauce, cheese, mushrooms, spinach, and basil.

Yum yum.....sliced up and into my mouth!  I'm still digesting it.  I think.  How long does it take to digest food anyway?

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