November 11, 2008

The Cake Disaster

Photo via. Foodaphilia

The birthday was yesterday, and I made a cake that I'd been wanting to make for months.  Elvis cake, a banana cake studded with chocolate chips, covered in peanut butter frosting!  The cake pans, however, should have been greased and floured, which I am definitely making a note of on the recipe.  So.  The cakes had cooled and were ready to be turned out of their pans, or so I thought.  They obviously had a mind of their own and were very attached to the pans they had been baked in, so attached that the first cake split into three pieces when I tried to get it out.  One piece split the cake partially in half horizontally, and the other vertically, so it was an adventure to piece it back together.  

In the end, it tasted absolutely incredible.  Although apparently it's a bad idea to eat three pieces of cake on your birthday, no matter how good the cake is or if three is your favorite number.  Take it slow on this cake, your stomach will thank you.  

So I borrowed Foodaphilia's Elvis cake picture since my own looked like a cake blob.  I put a little peanuts on the border of mine...sigh.  Recipe here.

Anyway, I now have two new cookbooks!  For my birthday, The Metropolitan Bakery cookbook, which has recipes of items they sell in their bakery.  The Cookie Bible is one I picked up a few days ago in the discount section at Border's, for $8!

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