November 8, 2008

Faces everywhere.

Looking through my past altered book pages, (here and here) I'm kind of bored by them.  I realized how neat and organized they were, almost like scrapbook pages.  Which isn't what an altered book is; I needed my pages to be sloppier.  So here's the result:

It was actually made about 2 weeks ago, but I didn't like the finished page and I put it aside.  This morning, I opened my book and when I reached this page I stopped.  I saw it in a different way and realized I liked it!  The tree trunk is painted with a thick coffee paste, and textured with the end of a paintbrush.  The background is done with paint and pastels.  I drew the face in the center, and the words say:
"If I were a tree, strong and tall, 
I would give you shade and oxygen
I would change with the seasons
And the birds would make their home in my branches"

I drew a few more faces that I haven't done anything with yet: 


Homely Homo said...

I really like this, a lot a lot
I want to see the whole thing when it's done :}

Madhuri said...

go to art school, bethie

Beth said...

Thank you!
You guys are great.