December 16, 2008

Creative juices are back! (and hopefully are here to stay)

What's in the bag?  Hm...

A peacock!  Isn't he adorable?  I finished him today, two days after my mom's birthday (which is what he was intended for), but she didn't mind.  My hands are still sore....3 straight days of sewing (all day), 2 days of trying to sketch a pattern that looked somewhat realistic, and a day or two or thinking it up.

He has eyelids!  And lovely beak and feather details:

I was going to make it so his tail could be pulled up as well, but that didn't work out.  Not that there's any girlies to impress.  Although I was thinking about making him a peahen...  I don't want him to be lonely!


lala said...

wow beth. ive reached a new level of delight and respect for you and your creative juices. hes so cute! is his name clarence? like the peacock at merrymead? how did you hide it from your mom? hes so fantastic and vibrant! i think he needs a peahen, i do. that way they can coo together :)

Beth said...

His name can be Clarence now! I'm I managed.
Coo coo!

Homely Homo said...



baby, i'm taking you to ihop