February 10, 2009

Dyeing paper

1. Smells good
2. Tastes bad
3. Is great to paint with!

I usually make three different coffee 'paints', all with hardly any water so on paper it shows up brown and not like wet paper.  The lightest is a bit off instant coffee powder in just enough water for the bottom of a small bowl, and the middle one is more coffee powder with a lot less water.  The darkest is really more like a paste because it's so thick, but it's my favorite to work with because you can make really neat drip designs with it.  To make this one, I use a few spoonfuls of coffee powder with one or two tiny tiny drops of water.

Next, I dyed some paper with food coloring!  The one on the left is just some mixed colors which I ran down the page, and the one on the right involved soap bubbles and sugar (Sugar? Sounds strange, I know).
You need:
Small bowls
Food coloring
Liquid dish soap
1 teaspoon sugar
1/2 cup water

You basically mix the water, soap, sugar and about 10 drops of food coloring (or a mixed color) in a bowl until the sugar is dissolved, and with the straw at the bottom of the bowl, blow bubbles until they're way above the top of the bowl.  Then, lightly place the paper on top of the bubbles and repeat until the paper is covered.  You can let it dry and do another layer or color too!

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