March 19, 2009

Failure cookies.

1. Greek honey crunch creams the right way.  (Picture and recipe from Culinary in the Desert.)
2. Greek honey crunch creams the wrong way.

Yes.  Very disappointing, especially since I had been wanting to make these for about a year!  Ok, so I completely forgot to use self-rising flour, but I wasn't expecting flat pancake cookies.  These are flavored with honey and are supposed to have a hint of orange zest in them, but even though I used the correct amount of zest, it completely overpowered the color and taste.  So I ended up with flat, bitter orange cookies that were oozing with honey slime because there wasn't enough flour to soak it up.  I obviously didn't make the filling...

And these are cranberry orange cookies from The Biscuit Pusher.  They also weren't as good as I was expecting, but the orange zest and dried cranberries were great together.  And at least they baked right!  
I made both of these cookies the same day as the Chai tea; three food disappointments in one day!


Meg, Formerly of the homo persuasion said...

oh man
it looks like I made these

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