March 15, 2009

Homemade Chai Tea

I swear by Oregon Chai concentrate.  I would drink it everyday if I could.  Coffee isn't for me, and I'm not much of a tea person (I'll drink a few kinds here and there), but Chai tea is just amazing.  So after finishing up a box of the Oregon Chai, I brewed up my own today!  It was seriously improvised chai....  I used whole cloves and a cinnamon stick like the recipe called for, but I had to use ground cardamom and ginger because I didn't have fresh.  I don't know how different white peppercorns taste from black, but I didn't have any white, and I had to use peach flavored black tea leaves but the peach flavor didn't come through in the end anyway.  
I'm pretty disappointed by how it turned out, and I have to say the store bought is actually better than homemade.  After it was all brewed up and sampled it didn't taste like much, but I obviously added way too much spice to fix it because it made my nose run!

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Meg said...

oooh.. Oregan Chai