March 8, 2009

Recent doings.

First up we have a banana cake roll I made, which is exactly like the pumpkin roll I made previously but with bananas and less spice.  This cake has to be lifted out of the pan and rolled up in a towel immediately after it's done baking, and once it cools you unroll it, spread it with filling, and roll it back up.  I definitely let it sit in the towel way too long though, because it was stuck to it and ripped in several places when it was unrolled.  It turned out alright; I managed to patch it up pretty well with icing, though it looks a bit wonky.  As with anything involving fruit, it flavored through and tasted so much better on the second day, which was great because I was convinced I used too much filling for my taste, but it all came together later taste-wise.  (It's really really good.) Recipe here!
The keychain is for my squirrel-obsessed friend, and I covered two band pins using a magazine cut out, an old map, and a car cut from scrapbooking paper.

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