April 24, 2009


Apparently I've been on a necklace frenzy!  I made this one from a bracelet I made but never wore and a crocheted doily from the craft store.

This one is a whole bunch of paper beads.  I used magazines, books, newspapers & comics, wrapping paper, old maps, and craft paper.

For $4 I bought all of these necklaces at a discount store!  I don't like the necklaces themselves because they're almost chokers, but I love the beads.  So I'll probably end up staring at them for a bit and then eventually re-make them.


Meg said...

oooh i like those paper beads

they would go nicely with a paper dress

Beth said...

They would :]

lala said...

love the doilie one!
if that is spelled right?

Beth said...