May 5, 2009

Deliciousness, Frustration and Disappointment

I posted about this delicious gingerbread before, (recipe here) but this time I managed to get a picture before it was gone.  
For the past two days I have been trying to refashion some of my old clothes and finally came to the conclusion that it's impossible to make what I had in mind.  It's pretty hard to make a loose, styled tank top out of two t-shirts that were already too tight.  This is a recurring problem.  I look my piles of clothes that don't fit anymore, but I love the fabrics they're made out of.  I see them as different clothes and I go crazy drawing sketches, only to realize that there's just not enough cloth.
I then realized (yet again) that I don't even know how to sew clothes even though I've been doing some form of sewing all my life.
After that I got a huge baking urge (maybe a reflex to make myself feel better?) and planned to try a chai cake recipe, but ended up making the gingerbread again.  The word spread around the house of what I had been planning to make and I severely disappointed my mom and sister my "making gingerbread again."

But...they ate it right up. The chai cake is definitely on my list though.  I think I'll make it into cupcakes! 


Meg, Formerly of the homo persuasion said...

you could always use the tight tees to make little sewing projects.. or lose 100+ pounds and youd fit into a dress made from a sock. either/or

looks like a brownie :O :D*

Beth said...

I think that's what I'll do.
(Use them for sewing projects, not lose 100 pounds.)