May 21, 2009

A necklace and yummy bread

I made a necklace yesterday!  
Originally I planned to use colorful buttons but my inspiration waves weren't flowing after sifting through 5 containers of buttons, but then I thought of a black, white, and grey necklace.  I took apart a necklace to use its chain bits (1) and the rest is just black string; I crocheted a bit of it (3).  The felt flower (2) didn't show up that well.  It's annoying to wear though because the buttons want to turn, and then you see the string clippings and knots.

Wegman's has a new bread out, Red, White & Blue bread for Memorial Day.  It's flavored with cranberries, blueberries, and lemon zest, and it's delicious!  It's crazy soft too, almost like a muffin.


lala said...

love the necklace....but i could see where it could be annoying

Meg, Formerly of the homo persuasion said...

this (necklace) made me want to actually embellish the cardigan with buttons that i'd been planning on actually doing for awhile now

Beth said...

That sounds exciting!