May 3, 2009

This spreadsheet was made for me

For my high school graduation project I tried 30 some recipes and gathered up the best into a cookbook.  I snuck in some favorites from years before that, of course.  But looking at the book now, I'm surprised they let me graduate.  Look at this thing, it's horrible!
I had decided that this book wasn't going to be a thing to toss after I graduated, but it would be something to continue working on.  It's perfect for me because even if I mark a recipe letting myself know that I tried it, I don't really remember it unless there's a picture.  Plus I love having my favorite recipes all in one place.  

The recipes were typed in Excel on the family computer, but now I have my own Mac.  So imagine my excitement when I opened up Apple's version of Excel, Numbers, and found a spreadsheet formatted for recipes!  I redid my whole book.  
I love it.  Here's one page:

It's so beautiful.  I can't stop flipping through all the pages!


Meg, Formerly of the homo persuasion said...

"it's so beautiful."

hey, at least you passed

lala said...

definitely an improvement

Beth said...


And thank you.