May 5, 2009

You're so zesty.

I don't care much for oranges, but I love the smell of orange zest.  It adds so much flavor to recipes, so it's annoying when you come across a recipe using it when oranges aren't in season.  Which is why I started grated oranges when we have them and freezing the zest!  That's three or four oranges worth of zest in the bowl.  I'm sure it's way more than I'll need, but it stays fresh.  It can also be substituted for lemon zest in most recipes, and I never have lemons.  So it'll be used.  Or I could just defrost it and smell it.


Meg, Formerly of the homo persuasion said...

i am greatly amused by this
plz to be sharing some zest with me

lala said...

*insert witty quip about you being spicy*

Beth said...

I'd be glad to share my zest stash with you, person formerly of the homo persuasion.

I'm waiting to hear that witty quip, Lala. :]