June 23, 2009


I just had a massive baking fail.  I've been eying up these cake truffles for a while now, but they were completely gross.  There was a half-box left of a yellow cake mix in my cabinet, so I used that.  I baked the cake, cut in in pieces, and crumbled it in the food processor.  Maybe I pulsed it too much, or maybe I should have crumbled it by hand, because it went from cake bits to looking like a huge ball of raw cake.  It tasted raw too.  So, I figured maybe it was supposed to look like that.  I mixed in the cream cheese.  And...it turned into a huge ball of extra mushy raw-looking cake.  Still tasted raw.  I did test the cake, with a toothpick and for browning, to see if it sprung back from the pan sides, and I ate a small piece.  That cake was baked perfectly.  
So, I was left with a disgusting cake-thing.  Disgusting to the eyes, taste buds, and the texture was awful.  Kind of gummy.  I didn't waste any chocolate to cover them.  They went straight into the trash.  R.I.P.

On a much more positive note, for father's day I made the cinnamon buns I made a while ago, and they turned out even better!  (In taste and appearance.)  I had actually run out of cinnamon, so I used up the tiny bit that I had left and made up the difference with some nutmeg and cloves, and they turned out great.  And I added extra nuts and raisins!  


lala said...

you can tell when its been a fail because there is no picture for the post

Beth said...

They didn't deserve a picture.

jessica said...

haha, bake fail! those are fun. i made a cake once that baked into the oven rack above it. and i made another one that totally fell apart, so i had to glue it back together with icing and chocolate chip cookies. i feel like you would really enjoy cakewrecks.com, if you haven't discovered it already.

Beth said...

Aha, chocolate chip cookie glue!
Oh yes, that site is fun. Laura told me about it (via you).