June 28, 2009

A Loaf, Scones and some Muffins

The past few days have been delicious!  First I tried out a cinnamon raisin bread from my Williams-Sonoma bread book.  Silly me, I was going to half the recipe and make one loaf, and it's a good thing I didn't.  Loaf #1 was gone in a matter of hours!  The bread was incredibly soft, and loaded with golden and dark raisins.  The cinnamon and brown sugar swirl was a bit gooey and so good.

After loaf #2 was eaten, I made cranberry orange scones from the same cookbook.  I never understood scones before this.  They always looked hard, dense, and didn't have much going on taste-wise.  My first encounter with good scones was at a tea house a week or so ago.  Eating little bite-sized scones spread with devonshire cream and lemon curd, along with the best chai tea I've ever had made me scone-obsessed.  Ever since, I've been searching for a scone recipe that is lighter and not dense.  

Once I settled on the recipe, I decided to experiment a little.  The recipe called for all-purpose flour, but I wanted to see how they would turn out with bread flour (which makes breads nice and soft).  So, I made half the recipe with all-purpose, and half with bread flour.  Just to see.  In the picture the bread flour scones are on the left, and on the right are the all-purpose.  They look exactly the same, but the flours really made a difference in texture.  The bread flour scones were definitely lighter than with all-purpose flour.
I give the bread flour version an A+, and the all-purpose a B.

The scones didn't last too long either...and yesterday I made these incredible blueberry streusel muffins again. I'm looking forward to a summer of baking with fresh, homegrown blueberries.   


lala said...

those were damn good scones

Beth said...

I want more...