June 20, 2009

Midnight chocolate melting

I started making these at 11:00 last night!  The idea of them was worming around my head all day and I couldn't stand it anymore, I had to make them.
1. Milk chocolate with coconut and almonds
2. Milk chocolate with chopped hazelnuts
3. White chocolate with macadamia nuts and coconut
4. Milk chocolate with peanut butter (mixed with powdered sugar)
5. White chocolate with dried cranberries and almonds

I used Trader Joe's milk chocolate chips and Ghirardelli's white chocolate chips.  TJ's stopped carrying their white chocolate (it's so much better that Ghirardelli's) and they didn't have any semi-sweet the other day.  I bake with semi-sweet, so they better carry them.  They also stopped carrying their delicious chicken nuggets....  So cruel. 


lala said...

there dont happen to be any left for me, are there?

Beth said...

Depends how soon you come and grab them! I can always make more for you anytime, they're pretty quick.