July 23, 2009

Naan Fail

Picture 1: Naan from Trader Joe's
Picture 2: Naan picture above the recipe I used

Picture 3: My naan
I love this bread, and the second picture looks so delicious! It looks rollable, somewhat like a pita bread. Mine came out closer to the bread I had from Trader Joe's, except it didn't taste like it at all. It's just a regular bread in the shape of naan!
Oh well. I had made these for dinner to make chicken gyros, but since that was impossible we cut them in half and made open face sandwiches. Mine was chicken slices seasoned with oregano with ranch dressing on top. Yum!


lala said...

all three of them look yummy!

Beth said...

I have some of mine frozen if you'd like some.

jessica said...

you're making me SO hungry!

Beth said...

That is my goal. Buahaha.