July 19, 2009

They are sad from lack of use.

Here's a glimpse of recent additions to my cloth collection. The other day I was picking through the bargain section at Joann's and found a roll of blue felt for $2, a yard of fuzzy brown cloth for $4, and a flowery print for $3 a yard. They also had bamboo cloth for $7 (originally $14)! It was so soft....I didn't like the color though.
And you can also see my stacks of cloth I bought to make clothes out of, which obviously hasn't happened yet. My problem is that I don't see any sewing patterns that I like, and I don't know how to make my own.

Here's some of my craft supplies! (That I love, but hardly ever use.)
Pretty embroidery floss, some ribbons and silver wire, and a tiny bit of my paper collection. That yellow paper I picked up on a sidewalk, and the 'a promise to keep' paper was inside of a used book...I took the paper bit and left the book. I drew the party hat guy.
I wished I used this stuff more often. I have creativity constipation.

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