August 8, 2009

Duplicating a box

I have this chocolate box (they were so good) that I thought would be perfect for a little gift box, but in different paper. So I took it apart and copied it!

I traced it, cut it out, and scored all the lined that needed to be folded. I decorated it and then glued it together on the longer side, and folded it up! It's not quite as sturdy as the original, but it's prettier.


lala said...

very very pretty!

Beth said...

I'm glad you think so.....the box is actually for you!

jessica said...

ah that IS a pretty box! but i notice that you haven't posted anything about a certain strawberry shortcake contest...could it be that you're embarrassed to admit you may have lost? (gasp!)

Beth said...

OH! OH! Hmm, I think won :}
No actually, I'm just lazy and haven't been in a blog mood. It'll be up...sometime. Soonish.