August 18, 2009

Old collages

Ok, I know some of you have already seen these. The first is a cloth collage that I kept adding to randomly. All that white yarn was slowly tacked down with thread! I was inspired by the word 'alienate' and made the paper collage on the right. I really like the ripped detail on its left side. Both of the collages are from a while ago, and I completely forgot to post them. As this blog is supposed to be a baking and crafty blog, and it is sadly rather lacking in the craft department, I thought I should get around to posting them!
I've really been disappointing myself with the lack of sewing/crafting. I used to do those so often, but lately I've been having the crafty version of writer's block. Crafter's block? Or just a really big brain fart.


Meg said...

Just relax your sphincter muscle and let the creativity flow.

I love these, and I think that you need to be looking a graphic arts schools, ma'am.

Beth said...

Hmm, I will have to try that next time!
Graphic arts is just computer stuff.