September 19, 2009

Shirt to Leggings

I made leggings out of an old shirt!  The darker areas in my shirt illustration show where I sewed and cut off excess fabric.  Then, use the arms as pants and..... have comfy around the house leggings!  As you can see, there are holes above the knee which I ripped once they were on.  I sewed them a bit too tight there!  (And was too annoyed with them to fix it.)


jessica said...


how you would even think of that..and pull it off...i'm amazed. haha. when i was a little kid i used to think about trying that out, but i realized there was a head hole in a problematic area.

it's like magic!

Beth said...

Hahaa...yes, there's quite a big hole where there shouldn't be!

lala said...

i love how you make sure you call them 'housewear' leggings

Beth said...

It's a clarification that needs to be made!

Meg said...

I'm very impressed, and I have that exact shirt in blue so I'll probably be trying this out lol. I'm leaving the head hole though, it's been pretty hot the past couple of days.

Meg said...

OH! and I love the Lolita Leg Pose you have going on in that picture

Beth said...

Yes, our twin shirts :]
I was wearing them for a while before I sewed them, so the head hole and extra fabric were just dangling there!
Haha.....I didn't think of my pose like that!