September 8, 2009

Why can't I be covered in beautiful feathers?

Duck feathers, Parrot feathers! Chicken feathers! Peacock and Guinea Fowl feathers!
Oh my!

I had to work for those hen feathers. There were tons of them in various hen cages, and I had to poke a stick through the chicken wire to act as a really long finger to pull them out. I'm very ambitious when it comes to these things...
And the peacock really did not want me to take his feathers. I bent down to pick some up that were halfway outside of his cage, and he came charging over to my fingers. I tried again on the other side, and he kept following me! After, when he thought I wasn't looking, he pecked at one of the feathers and then ate it. Strange.


lala said...

where did you get them from?
love that, "strange"

Beth said...

Various places on vacation.

jessica said...

ahh i love these, birds are my favorite. i have a huge jar of peacock feathers in my room. :]

also: the yogurt cake looks amazing, i've never heard of that before!

Beth said...

Oo, jealous! Maybe we will be reincarnated as birds :]