October 3, 2009

'E' for Emerson!

My niece turned two today, and here is the deliciousness I made for her!  A yellow layer cake with fluffy peanut butter frosting in the middle, and covered in fudge-like chocolate frosting.  I really could not make up my mind about what cake to make.  In about a two week time frame, I switched from a tri-color swirled cake (each color swirl with a different flavor!), to Elmo cupcakes, and to about ten different variations of layer cakes.  

Everyone at the party loved my cake!  And to think that my mom and sister advised against me using the peanut butter frosting because "it might not taste right" and "it's a party for a two-year-old, just make a regular cake".
Pfffh.  Ok, for the first quote, that just reinforces my belief that you should always go with your instinct, and for the second quote, you could say that about any birthday:
"Oh, she's just turning 7, we've done this for the past six years.  Just make a boring cake."
"Oh, he's just turning 45, it's just another birthday.  It doesn't matter."
Well with that attitude, then what does matter?  
I'm just teaching myself to stray away from the negative energy and attitude that is expressed from my immediate family.
And my cake was a regular cake, just with a little surprise when it's cut open.  Who doesn't want a little BANG like that?  You only turn two once.  Sheesh. 


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I concur.

lala said...

you tell 'em, bethy!

meg and i would gladly be your guinea pig testers any time

Beth said...

That doesn't work very well if you're at college :[