October 29, 2009

I baked, but forgot to post.

So.  Catching up....I made Breakfast Cake for the millionth time to use up some sour cream.  It's a recipe we've been making since forever and ever, originally called Coffee Cake.  When I was little I thought that meant there was actually coffee (gross!) in the cake, not that you ate the cake with coffee.  So from then on we referred to it as Breakfast Cake, because we eat it for breakfast.  I didn't realize how strange eating cake for breakfast sounded until I made the cake again last week.  It's tradition, I guess!

And the other day I made a pear pie flavored with ginger and maple syrup, with a delicious streusel topping!  We were given a huge bag of pears that sat around waiting to ripen, and then all of a sudden they were overripe and needed to be used.  Pies use up lots of fruit...so this was a perfect solution, and also bursting with DELICIOUS.
Recipe: Pear Ginger Maple Pie


Meg said...

I guess there isn't coffee in coffee cake... I don't know what's real anymore.

Beth said...

There is, however, coffee in some cake recipes that aren't coffee cake. How confusing! I even have a recipe for chocolate cookies that calls for coffee.

lala said...

i want that pie.

also, im sorry meg, that your reality was shattered :/