October 31, 2009

Newly acquired/tasty eats

Starting on the top left: 
-My brown wallet was causing me difficulties.  I found a vintage yellow one with three zipper pockets for $8!
-Two new plates and one bowl from Impact.
-Three books from a used book store.  I love the blue and orange one...the flower flap opens up and has the title underneath it.  I really want to go back to this bookstore, it was so cozy and the books are so cheap!  I bought three books for less than the average price of a new book.
-Blood orange & honey infused drink and chocolate parfait from Whole Foods.  The drink had no sweeteners, only honey, and the parfait was delicious.  I also had coconut breaded chicken pieces from the same store.
-Framed bird embroidery done with yarn, from Impact.  Pretty.  I think this is the most expensive item I've bought at Impact....and it was $3!


Meg said...

Ugh beth, last time i took a drink recommendation from you i almost died from the caustic mix of peach and capitalism.
That little parfait looks tasty..
Cute wallet, still love the brown one though. you have to take me to impact sometime. we'll revisit that bookstore (Doylestown?)

Beth said...

Maybe the egg roll lady thought it wasn't sweet enough....that was lethal. I swear, that stuff is delicious when it's not poisoned with sweeteners.
We can go to BOTH Impact stores! :] And the bookstore.

jessica said...

where is impact?! i've never heard of it, but it sounds awesome and i want to go now.

everyone who walks into my dorm room falls in love with your peacock, no lie. :) did you listen to the mix yet?

Beth said...

It is awesome....there's all sorts of stuff there. Books, furniture, clothes, random knick knacks....plates. Do you know where Atlantic book warehouse was? There's an Impact in that building now, and there's another one across the street from Jomar's cloth store, in Norristown-ish.
Aww. Im glad he's getting love. I have, yes! My favorites are Spanway Hits, Penelope, and Fight Song. I had recently discovered José González and Kings of Convenience, I like them a lot!

lala said...

wow. there is an impact in the old atlantic book warehouse place. no wonder you get amazing things...that place always seemed so huge!
i know what we are doing thanksgiving break :)

Beth said...

Yes yes! We could also go to the mini Atlantic book warehouse that's open just for the holidays.

jessica said...

yay, i'm so glad you like it! and i definitely vote yes on a group field trip to impact. :)

Beth said...

Yes, fun fun!