November 29, 2009

Dessert buffet?!

I went away for Thanksgiving, which was a first.  We had a dessert gathering with the neighbors!  So starting from the top, we had butterscotch-pecan cake, my mom's pumpkin cake with pumpkin-cream cheese frosting, pumpkin pie, and an apple-cranberry pie covered in pretty pie crust leaves!  The day before we stopped by Williams-Sonoma and my mom bought some pie crust leaf cutters for ourselves.  
Sadly I didn't get to bake dessert this year, but I did make the frosting and glaze for the butterscotch-pecan cake (and frosted and decorated it).  My sister needed to start cooking dinner so she asked me to finish the cake, and I was shocked by the recipe.  I don't know how much butter was in the cake, but in the frosting alone there were three sticks, and twenty ounces of cream cheese (that's two and a half blocks!).  Those amounts are just unheard of for a single recipe of frosting.  Also there was a butterscotch-type sauce that you let soak into the cake that had another stick of butter in it.  Lets assume there were 2 sticks of butter in the cake.  So that's a grand total of 6 (at least) sticks of butter in one cake, plus all that cream cheese.  That's just disgusting.  It wasn't even sinfully just tasted like butter!  I'm really hoping that the recipe had some misprints in it, or otherwise Martha Stewart is trying to kill us slowly with butter and cream cheese.  And pecans.
But our pumpkin cake was outstanding as usual, and I quite enjoyed the apple-cranberry pie.
The neighbors brought over a chocolate-pecan pie, a five (thin) layer cake with chocolate frosting, and another pumpkin pie. 
Have you heard about the canned pumpkin shortage?  So sad.  Must stock up.
Pretty backyard view from the next day:


Meg said...

Six sticks.. maybe it's secretly a Paula Deen recipe..

Beth said...

Aha, maybe.

lala said...

my grandmother dislikes paula deen, will make fun of her accent, and then proceed to be irritated that it looks like she is using uncleaned meat/vegetables etc, even though we have explained several times that she has someone else doing the prep work

Beth said...

Haha. Yeah, that would be pretty boring to see..."and now I am cleaning the vegetables. Scrub scrub scrub."