November 10, 2009


Apparently, I have aged.  By a whole year.  And according to this fact, I am no longer a teenager.  Well.  Hmph.
I made myself a cake though.  Cake is good.
The Yogurt Cake was so delicious that I made it again, but instead of a mixed berry sauce I made a peach-strawberry sauce.  It wasn't quite as good as the berry, but it was good all the same.  
Plus the candles are awesome!  I wanted these long colorful candles I saw before, but the store didn't have them... the squiggles are nice too.

I made the sauce for the cake yesterday, and I saved the strawberry pulp I had from pouring it through the sieve.  So for breakfast this morning I had real strawberry yogurt!  With banana slices on the bottom.  
Did you know that red dye comes from crushed Cochineal bugs?  Strawberry yogurt, strawberry ice cream, fabric...


Meg said...

feel different? wiser? maturer? you've yet to answer me

whoa, i'm next

still working on pointless baseball essay. nooooooooo

ew about those bugs. ew.

Beth said...

None of those....I feel like I'm younger. I think I'm de-aging myself.
Yes you are! The Age Devil will grasp you in his talons and drag you under and WON'T LET GO.

lala said...

there there, meg, we are here for you.

also, an old bird like myself deserves some of that cake when i come around again, eh bethy?

Beth said...

Surely surely! Well, I would have to make it for you. There's an inch-sized piece left!

lala said...

im sure its already gone!

Beth said...

Long gone :]