November 22, 2009

I made something!!

I felt inspired and creative for the first time in a while.....and here's what happened:
I don't feel that it's finished.  Something is missing....maybe it's a little empty in the top part?  But anyway, it was plain white sketchbook paper that I painted black.  I painted the triangle designs on a brown paper bag, the girl is cut from a magazine, and the yellow dome from an old textbook.  The ray things coming out of it are from the security pattern side of an envelope.  
Hm.  Yeah, it definitely still needs something.

You know what got me out of my rut?  Coloring pages!
I forgot how fun they were.....I shaded and mixed different colored pencils to get the different skin tones....and went over most of it with a blending pencil.  My hand hurt afterwards, but it was still so relaxing.  (They hurt so much I used marker for the monster!)  I bet these would also work if you're stressed.  Kids have it all figured out.  JUST COLOR!
Printable sheets here and here.


lala said...

maybe a pattern on the black? but what do i know haha

Meg said...

is this in your altered book? (which i will steal)
perhaps a pattern like lala said. throw some glitter on there ;)
nice coloring! good job bethy!
i haven't felt like doing any kind of anything.. maybe i'll color

Beth said...

No, it's a sketchbook that's smaller than the altered book. No can steal!
Color! Color! I have a lot more coloring page links if you want them.