November 11, 2009

I need a good chai tea recipe.

I really wasn't expecting anything for my birthday, but....look!  I now have the ingredients to make chai tea, 4 mini (4 inch) bundt pans, and a Cloth, Paper, Scissors issue.  Plus a subscription to the magazine!
I tried to make chai today but it didn't come out any better than when I tried before.  (From that I discovered you have to use whole spices and not ground).  This time it was really watery and still weak.  So basically it was slightly seasoned water with milk in it.  So far, nothing compares to Oregon Chai!

I sipped my tea along with my birthday cake with lemon curd on the top, and using the peach-strawberry as a dipping sauce.  Quite good, quite good.


lala said...

whatcha gonna do with those 4 mini-bundt pans!?

Beth said...

Make mini cakes, of course! Tastyy.