December 2, 2009


I halved both of these recipes just to try them...Chai Shortbread and Cinnamon-Anise Crisps, both from Cooking Light.
Chai Shortbread
I added: more spice & nutmeg, some honey
Has: a nice crunch
Needs: more flavor, less oven time
Will I make them again?  Eh, maybe just to experiment.  
(Next day edit): These are very tasty with lemon curd.
Cinnamon-Anise Crisps
I added: a lot more anise seeds, some anise extract
Has: a nice chewy texture, lots of delicious flavor
Needs: less sugar
Will I make them again?  Yes!


lala said...

aww thats a shame the chai ones werent better :/

Meg said...

nell's shampoo is anise scented. can i assume these cookies smell like a tri-colored beagle?

Beth said...

Mm, anise scented shampoo?! Sure!