December 2, 2009

Felt adventures

After having my iPod touch for about a year and a half, I finally made a case for it!  I was previously using an old threadbare sock.

Mr. Bud is back to visit and looks quite handsome in a larger (and better made) version of the cat collar I made.  He obviously agrees because he seems to like wearing it!


lala said...

BUD BUD BUD BUD BUD BUD BUD BUD looking smashing, dahling!

wow im jealous. that is adorabibble

Beth said...


jessica said...

both of these are adorable beyond ALL reason. you're too creative! share!

Beth said...

No! Mine!
Ok fine, I'll give you some if you have any motivation and/or energy to spare for me.
I need some.

Meg said...

cute panda
cute bud

Meg said...

when it's unbuttoned, does it look like the panda is wearing a loin cloth?

Beth said...

Haha, I wish! But no, the flap is in between the ears.