December 20, 2009

Freezers are good friends to people who have a baking compulsion.

Photos from Better Homes & Gardens
So I made these Chai Moon cookies about a week ago and then due to a cookie tornado in my house, I completely forgot to post them.  The dough was so incredibly delicious!  I thought of someday making cookie dough ice cream with this dough because 1. it's delicious and 2. there are no eggs in the dough.  Oh man.  It would be sooo good.  
Once they were baked, the spice flavor wasn't as strong and they just didn't compare at all to their pre-baked form.  Still good though, and I didn't even frost them!
I baked them at the same time as some Danish Pebbernodder cookies, which are a molasses and spice cookie.  They had such a strange texture...I won't make them again.

It was my mom's birthday last week, and I made these Café Macchiato Cups for her.  The recipe calls for Kahlúa in the cookie and the filling, and I was mixing up the filling when I thought to ask her if the flavor was strong enough.  She tasted it and told me to add another teaspoon...she tasted it...."Oh, add two more."  Mix.  Taste.  "Add another one."  So repeat this until there's about 7 teaspoons of Kahlúa in the filling, from an original 1 teaspoon!  I guess it's good I asked.  
I really didn't bother to take pictures.  I was pretty pooped, and plus the BH&G pictures are far superior than mine.


Meg said...

hey! i had both of these! :D

Beth said...

You did! :]