December 16, 2009

I feel roughly the size and shape of the Michelin man.

My mom had a little group lunch outing in which she was responsible for making the planned dessert (which really means I make it.....shhh, they'll never know!).  Since we couldn't eat it, my sister and I cut the recipe down to a third and made two mini tarts!  Anyway, it's a Weight Watchers recipe (then why does it have heavy cream in it??) and it's really really good.  The bottom layer is a chocolate graham cracker crust, and then it's topped with a heavy cream mixture with a bit of grated chocolate mixed in.  If you have a high patience level and you like your food to look nice, then it's topped with chocolate curls.  If not, then chocolate chips!

Whipping Cream Chocolate Pie
4 1/2 oz chocolate graham crackers
4 T butter, melted
3/4 cup heavy whipping cream
2 T powdered sugar
1 t vanilla extract
3 oz dark chocolate (grated/curled)

Run graham crackers through a food processor until crumbs, pulse in butter.  Press into the bottom (not up sides) of a 10" springform pan, chill.  Beat cream, sugar and vanilla until stiff.  Fold in half of chocolate.  Spoon over crust and top with remaining chocolate (in whatever form you wish).  Chill 2 hours.

And this is a pumpkin milkshake.  Delicious.


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Meg said...

nah, don't sweat it, i'd say you're more the size and shape of the pillsbury doughboy (KIDDING.)

this is more like it:

that's what we look like when we go out!

Beth said...

At least I'd be lovable! But my stomach might get sore from all that poking.

Hahaa eww, that's so yucky.