December 31, 2009

Sneeze + Sniff = Pie?

7 egg yolks, 2 cans of sweetened condensed milk, a buttery crust, and heavy cream: the unhealthiest pie I've ever made?
Well, nevermind certainly is rich and creamy.
So.  We had visitors for Christmas, and all a certain family member does is beg for key lime pie!  I had no idea that the actual lime that's used is called a key lime....I've never even seen one before.  They're so tiny!  
Though, that also means they take forever to juice.  I had to grate 8 of them for the zest, and then cut all 24 limes in half and juice them, and then strain it to get out the pulp and seeds.  All of this while I have a cold, so it went more like: juice, get up/blow nose/wash hands, cut, juice, get up/blow nose.......etc.
The final result?: Like I said, rich and creamy, but maybe a little too much so.  Apparently it wasn't too sweet and had a nice pucker to it (I couldn't tell through my congestion).  So it's kinda good, but not my favorite.
Oh, and the next day I had a request for this banana cream pie.  We now have two half pies left, both made with graham cracker crusts, heavy cream, and richness.
Make them go away.
Oh, and after having 7 egg whites left over from the first pie, the banana cream also called for egg yolks.  I have a container of 11 egg whites sitting in my refrigerator, just from two pies!


Meg said...

Can't eat these, noooooo noooo
Thanks for posting though, i'll live vicariously through this entry

Beth said...

You can just stare at the bowl of limes....they're so pretty! But no more pie for me either, it's just soo overwhelmingly rich.

lala said...

i can haz a piece?

Beth said...

They're waiting for you!