December 11, 2009

You are good but please go away.

Lots of cookies I baked for my mom to give away at her various social outings.  Sugar cookies on the right, and on the left, cranberry-orange pinwheels, messed up cran-orange pinwheels, and poppy seed thumbprints.
Here are the beautiful pictures of them from an ultimate cookies issue of Better Homes and Gardens magazine.  Instead of red currant, I filled the thumbprint cookies with a strawberry/plum/raspberry flavored fruit spread from Wegmans.


lala said...

stop it stop it your torturing me!

jessica said...

what lala said!

also, the swirl cookies are adorable! :)

PLEASE tell me we'll make cookies together over break! our bake-off was so fun...also i really want pbchoco cookies again...haha.

Beth said...

And of course the swirl cookies in the magazine are absolutely perfect.

Oh yes, we must!!