January 12, 2010

And I fight through crowds once more.

After dinner, my mom spontaneously decided to go back to Whole Foods, so we went (this time with my sister).  Unfortunately only a fraction of the samples were left from what was out this morning, but to make up for it we bought these beauts (plus some caramel-glazed cinnamon buns):

Fruit tart with pastry cream, cheesecake brownie, and a raspberry & blackberry cheesecake (posing with an old whiskey jar found in the depths of our basement....which was going to be thrown out!).
My favorite was definitely the fruit tart, although I would have made it with a graham cracker crust, not a  firm so-so crust.  And #2 would be the cheesecake brownie, #3 the cinnamon buns, and then the berry cheesecake.
Oh the joys of stuffing ourselves with pricey desserts.


lala said...

sigh, if only they werent so expensive

meg said...

oh you mean the doors were actually open to the public?

Beth said...

Yeah, they opened on the 12th. I love how we tried to get in before it was open.