January 25, 2010

An explosion of chocolate and peanut butter

Girl Scout Tagalong cookies!  The cookie part is so rich and buttery.  Straight out of the oven, the middles are pressed down with your thumb to make room for the peanut butter filling, and after freezing them to harden the peanut butter, they are dipped in chocolate.  Here they are in the filling stage:
In the above picture, the completely chocolate cookies are how it's supposed to be done....and on the left are drizzled lazy versions.  The white chocolate ones were for my dad, who can't eat chocolate.  I've never had bought versions of these cookies, so I don't have anything to compare them to.  But I can say that the homemade versions are quite....delectable.  And I would be very surprised if the bought counterparts tasted better than mine.  Recipe from Baking Bites.
I had some more photo studio fun with picture 1B and picture 2!
I had (as the recipe hinted I would) some extra peanut butter filling from the Tagalongs, so I made (at the cookie recipe's suggestion) some peanut butter cups!  They took forever because of all the chilling stages, first you pour some chocolate in and brush (yeah, with a mini paintbrush) up the sides of the cup wrappers with chocolate to create the shell, and refrigerate them until hardened.  Then you fill them with the peanut butter mixture and chill, and then pour the top chocolate layer on.  But it was worth...tediously...painting with chocolate.  Mm, so rich and delicious.  Recipe.


lala said...

of course yours taste better, silly!

WHAT! how come you didnt make the peanut butter cups when i was around!!!

meg said...

this all looks delicious. i bet your dad wasn't bitchin about all your baking when he was eating those (thoughtfully prepared)white chocolate cookies ;)

meg said...

I can't get over the pb cups... they're so nice lookin. i wish i could have seen the process on that one... you painting layers of chocolate... *_*

Beth said...

Sorry dear! I can't help it when the urge hits me :}

Beth said...

I pointed out the ones that were for him (otherwise he wouldn't have noticed them), and he was like "OH, why thank you!" Ahaa.

Hahaah.....I'll have to video chat you or something while I paint chocolate up the sides of paper liners :]

lala said...

beth's first "cooking show episode"!

Beth said...

Haa, I don't think I could ever let that happen. Unless it was a mockery of cooking shows....I just can't stand how serious they are! Mine would be goofy and fun!

jessica said...

oh no, i've forgotten to comment here for so long!

of course, i decide to check this out at midnight, and suddenly i am SO HUNGRY FOR PEANUT BUTTER CHOCOLATE DELICIOUSNESS. and i have none. :(

i'll live vicariously through your photos, though, and i'll use my imagination. :)

Beth said...

Quite alright!

BUahaha :}
But how sad, you really must get your hands on some asap.
Just imagine how smooth and rich and melty they would be together!