January 12, 2010

Late night food explorations.

I had an abrupt idea last night to make inside out s'mores, so I did.  AND IT WAS DELICIOUS!!  
Shopping List: Soft chocolate cookies (like Archway), marshmallows, and graham crackers!  
Do it.  It's calling.  It wants to be in your mouth.  

And before that, I tried out this Chai tea recipe.  Oh my....the third picture down is so beautiful.  It tasted kind of weird though....I don't think I liked the black pepper in it.  I had it for breakfast along with two of these carrot muffins:

Today I went to the grand opening of a new Whole Foods and ate lots of free samples!  I can't believe I didn't take my camera....they had Emu eggs for sale!  So pretty.  I was wondering how big the yolk was, and I found these pictures:  Huge.  That's a lot of egg.  I think they were $20 per egg, if I remember correctly.


lala said...

awww, id feel so bad eating one, its such a pretty color! besides that, they are emus?

Beth said...

Yeah, I don't think I'd want to eat one either. One, because they're so expensive. And two, I don't want to eat a would-be baby Emu....even though I'm used to eating would-be baby chickens.

meg said...

nooo noooooo don't adulterate a s'more, what did they do to you?

goddammit. i want those carrot muffins. you still have the magazine with all those cookies and brownies i want?

that's a pretty egg!

meg said...

holy shit i just clicked the link that says 'huge.'


Beth said...

But it was soo delicious!
We must make them sometime. They are outstanding.
Of course! I'm not going to throw that out :]
I KNOW...it's crazy!!