January 9, 2010


What's this?  Homemade chai tea that is actually....kind of....good?!  Fresh ginger smells so amazing, almost lemony.  Not that anyone has whole spices on hand, but I included the recipe anyway.  It's readable if you click the picture to enlarge it.
Christmas presents:

This was a severely last minute bird painting for my mom, and for Laura & Meg a sushi and an ice cream sandwich keychain!  The ice cream sandwich has a red mouth stitched on, but you really couldn't see it so I added a pink mustache using Picnik.  Lovely improvement.  


Meg said...

The only things I have from this recipe are milk, honey and water
...I'll have to wait for Oregan Chai

Love the stach!

Beth said...

Aha, you could make warm watery milk with honey....which would probably taste pretty weird.

lala said...

sushi :D

meg said...

i already drank the chai packets you gave me :*(
i think they lasted a day and a half

Beth said...

Someday we will drink the real stuff and you will no longer crave the dry powder!