January 25, 2010


I snazzed-up some storage jars I had (that house my old wooden thread spools, wine corks, and coin collection) by covering the tops with paper...idea from Design Sponge.  Gosh, I wish I had the pretty papers in that post.  
AND.....I made a photo studio!  This is a kind of behind the scenes shot of the above right jar photo:

I didn't have a lamp for the right side of the box when I took this, but it came out fine enough.  Anyway, I used this tutorial (which says '$10 photo studio', but mine cost $0!).  It basically consists of taking a box and completely gutting/mutilating it!  It was a lot of cutting.


lala said...

lol. i like the 'PA NJ" lid

meg said...

I like your photo studio!!

Beth said...

I love old maps!

Why thank you.