February 18, 2010

From my childhood:

I dug them out today and started building!  I then randomly made a short movie with them.  It's very shaky (from slightly different arm positions) and was just made up as I went along.  Fun!
It's called 'An untitled short film concerning a man, a castle, and a time machine'.  Watch it with headphones, it sounds so much better that way.

Basically there's a guy from the future who wants to go back in time to fight in a war, but the time machine takes him back further than he planned. And that was more of a plot that is in the actual film....this is what happens when I'm playing with blocks and I happen to have a rubbery red man that I found in a parking lot!


lala said...


you should make more stop action films...though im sure im underestimating how much patience and time it takes. and i know i would never have that much patience :)

Beth said...

Hee...yay, I'm glad!
It's not too bad, and I'm very patient. So maybe I will!

meg said...

yeah, do it!

lala said...

is that a cat in the window of the castle?

Beth said...

Yes! There's also a dog at the bottom, and an alligator in the moat. Although, he might be covered up by the BLAST and the time machine.