February 18, 2010


Wanting chocolate + having a Ghiradelli's dark chocolate brownie mix + the added bonus of vanilla ice cream = just what I needed!
The mix was full of big chocolate chips too!  And the cinnamon sprinkled on top was just incredible.
Brittany followed me upstairs to my photo shoot (kind of rare) and she stared and stared...her expression really looked like what I wrote in the thought bubble!  And, I should add "why aren't you eating it and sharing with me?"!

Recent discovery: 8 tracks
A mix tape site!  There's something about a mixtape, even one made by a stranger, that gives it a personal touch.  To me, they just say so much more than the paragraphs that make up a review of an album or even a single song.  It's a song...you're supposed to listen, not suffocate it with all those words!


jessica said...

ghirardelli brownie mix is my FAVORITE. <3

Beth said...

So nomlicious!

lala said...

im listening to the siamese cat mix now, great find!

Beth said...

That sounds enticing. I haven't seen that one, new mixes replace the others when you reload the page.

meg said...

hahah i made a login immediately.. i wanted to favorite a bunch of randoms so i wouldnt have to go back to each mix that i liked a song from.. it's super lame though, when you favorite a song, you can only listen to 30 seconds of it for legal reasons.
gimme those brownies

Beth said...

Oh really? I didn't sign up. So why do they let you listen to the whole song if you don't favorite it?
I thought of you when I made that brownie sundae :]

lala said...

i like the abruptness of
'gimme those brownies"