February 15, 2010

Homemade Samoas

I made these about a week ago.  They gave me trouble, which is why they look the way they do and not like this.  They were good, but I think I almost died from the amount of butter in them!  It called for 2 sticks of butter for about 50 cookies, and I used 3 tablespoons less.  But it was still too much and I really think they would have been so much better with a whole stick less.  I had been putting off posting these because they just....well, I really didn't want to have anything more to do with them!  The picture wasn't even taken until a day or two later because originally I wasn't going to post them (that's how disgusted I was!).  Once the butter hardened up they were alright, but on the first day all I could taste was butter (or maybe my tastebuds are just weird, everyone else loved them).  


lala said...

it was just a labor of love

lala said...

can i have you, samoas?

meg said...

you know, some people like butter

Beth said...

Yes, I have some frozen for you!

Does that include you? (I like it too)
But there is such a thing as too much butter!