February 20, 2010

One 29 oz can of pumpkin....

...can make 2 pumpkin pies, OR all of the following:
Pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting (Sunday)
Cream cheese-rippled pumpkin bread (Monday)
Pumpkin cinnamon rolls (Friday)
And these pumpkin muffins that I baked this evening.  I'm very disappointed, because they turned out like mush.
The pumpkin bars were definitely the best!  They had the most pumpkin flavor, were nice and soft, and they disappeared very quickly.  In second place, the cinnamon rolls.  Good buns, though not enough filling and they tasted different, but not like pumpkin.  Next is the pumpkin bread, which might have been in second place if I hadn't over-mixed the batter (uhh!  I never do that!).  The lower half of the bread (especially towards the center of the loaf) ended up tough and rubbery as a result of the over-mixing.  Muffins, quick breads, pancakes....you have to be careful with the mixing.  And finally, in negative 100th place, are the muffins from tonight.  Yuck.
I'm satisfied that I tried out four new recipes, but now that they're all made up and eaten, my taste buds would have been much happier with a batch of the pumpkin bars and a pumpkin pie. 


lala said...

pumpkin explosion! soounds good to me

meg said...

i am very much interested in those pumpkin bars!

Beth said...

Oh my, they were so delish.