February 8, 2010

Priest's Pancakes are naughty.

These pancakes look amazing and fluffy, right? (Click on the 'photos' tab and prepare to salivate!)  Mine didn't quite turn out like that....  The pan I was using has a big ridge all around it, and the batter was so thin it kept running down the ridge.  At first I was annoyed that I wasn't getting actual circles, but then I realized that the messed up ones looked like whales!  So of course I was very careful to not rip off the tails during the flipping process.
And then I gave them each a chocolate chip eye, poured on some maple syrup, and rolled them up like crepes!  They tasted like egg whites instead of pancakes, and they didn't cook quite right.  Not to mention their paper thinness that was so wrong.  But I did enjoy the whales!


Meg said...

perhaps sperm whales are naughtier?

lala said...

whales are way better than circles anyway

Beth said...

Haha :]

And yes, they are!