February 26, 2010

Two new art journal pages!

I drew that teapot (from one I have in my house) months and months ago, and finally used it now. 
Click for a larger view!

And...this is pretty cute.  Baking cookies with photoshop


lala said...

where did you even find those little print snippets?!

meg said...

i like this a lot. the colors and the text!

lol 'corking' is the word i have to type to prove that i'm no robot

Beth said...

Well, they were taken from many different bigger things, and I cut out triangles from all of them. Let's see....I used things from an Ikea catalog, a Veekoo menu, tea wrappers, word puzzles, graph paper, paper bags, chocolate wrappers, the security pattern sides of envelopes, and other random patterned bits from magazines.

In short, I have a very large paper collection!

Beth said...

Oh, lala, I also used an article in the city paper you gave me for the text under the teapot. It's just random sentences from throughout the article!

Beth said...

Thankies Meg :]
Haha, it took me forever to try to figure out what you were talking about.
But how very British of it! Corking mad!