March 26, 2010

Drinking. I can't say that word without it sounding like alcohol drinking.

Well, I haven't been baking lately, but I have been...drinking?
I remembered something my mom would make my sister and I when I was much younger.  She would slice up a banana in a cereal dish, and fill it up with chocolate or strawberry milk.  I don't know if this was a way for us to each fruit, or if it was just plain ol' delicious, but I really wanted to taste it again.  So I made a slightly more grown up version of it (or, not really, but it's at least more photogenic in a glass than in a bowl!)  
It wasn't quite as magical as I remembered it to be, but it was still good of course.  Although, I'm sure the chocolate milk part was much better this time, because what I did was make hot chocolate and chilled it (instead of use chocolate syrup for chocolate milk.  I don't like it anymore!)

And this was my breakfast one morning: a smoothie consisting of vanilla yogurt & milk, a honey tangerine, a banana, and some frozen (fresh) pineapple.  And raisin bread with cream cheese.
That's all I have for you right now!


Kpax said...

Oh maaaaaan, that smoothie looks so delicious! I need to get me some pineapple...

Beth said...

The frozen pineapple is from Trader Joe's!